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Historie verzí

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  • Oprava podpory modemu AnyDATA ADU-635WH
  • Oprava problemu pri nastavovani WAN type
  • Oprava problemu s DNS u zalohovaneho spojeni
  • Oprava problemu s DNS u L2TP a PPTP pripojeni


  • Novy wifi driver z fw pro WL500gPv2


  • Podpora noveho T-Mobile 4G modemu
  • usb_modeswitch pro prepinani ZeroCD modemu do rezimu modem
  • web interface pro usb_modeswitch s 18 preddefinovanymi modemy
  • Moznost navolit, na kterem USB portu je modem pripojen
  • Moznost zakazat USB 2.0 controller v menu USB Connection
  • Nativni podpora modemu AnyDATA ADU-635WH


  • WL500gpv2 ma problem s USB 1.1 zarizenimi pri pouziti USB 2.0 ehci ovladace. Zakazana podpora USB 2.0 ! Jsem si na 99% jist, ze je to HW chyba procesoru BCM5354
  • Podpora pro modem Siemens MC75 v acm driveru
  • Volitelna rychlost serioveho portu pro GPRS a dialup spojeni


  • Odstraneno OpenVPN jako soucast firmware z duvodu uspory mista
  • Vracen NFS server a client
  • Added RTC support for the WL-HDD/WL-700g boards
  • Fixed a bug causing lockups during reboot
  • SNMP: uptime values no longer depends on the system time
  • UPnP: it's now possible to select interface for which interface address reported back to clients (IP Config - Misc), port-forwards are working just like other virtual servers
  • UPnP: additionally protected by built-in firewall in case when multicast forwards enabled
  • IPTV: added udpxy (check IP Config - Miscellaneous: IPTV UDP Multicast to HTTP Proxy Port) to enable-disable it
  • Added Get IP automatically option to the WAN & LAN page
  • DHCP: added support for some broken DHCP servers (e.g. Golden Telecom)
  • Manual DNS server entries are no longer added to routing table
  • Fixed Redirects in the web-iface (it should no longer redirect to internal address);
  • Enabled Idle Disconnect functionality for PPPoE/PPTP. It's recomended to  turn this feature off by typing zero in this field.
  • L2TP speed increase (up to 2.5 times compared to previous versions) and correct tunnel termination
  • PPTP sync option is now correctly handled and enabled by default, improved overall stability, cleared up logs;
  • Updated QuickSetup to recent PPPoE, PPTP and L2TP changes
  • Added fine grained WPA control on the Wireless page: added separate WPA  Enterprise, WPA2 Enterprise, WPA Personal, WPA2 Personal and  WPA-Auto-Personal (which is wpa-psk + wpa2-psk for TKIP+AES, wpa-psk for TKIP and wpa2-psk for AES).
  • Added Regulatory Mode field (802.11d/802.11h/off) to the Wireless - Advanced page. This should fix some problems with Intel WiFi cards (select 802.11d mode). 
  • Virtual Servers has now separate default action in the WAN to LAN firewall.
  • Added Host Name field to the Manual DHCP MAC list.
  • Added Comment field to Wireless - Access list.
  • FTP: switched to vsftpd, reworked web-iface.
  • Samba: extended web-iface, new share modes - all partitions, manual share list.
  • Samba: Windows Vista support, W2K3SP1 compatibility
  • Added utf8 as default encoding of the hard/flash drive (enabled by default).
  • NFS: fixed some /etc/exports problems
  • Kernel modules are now stored in single directory
  • Added ftdi_sio usb to serial converter module
  • Some other modules are now available as separate download (modules-, includes HID, input, Bluetooth. Unpack them to /opt
  • Added modprobe, which is looking for /opt/lib/modules/... by default.
  • USB updates
  • VLAN support fixes, updated robocfg
  • dropbear 0.50 (credits to lly), enabled inetd support
  • busybox_httpd fixes: new cgi environment vars (HTTP_HOST, CGI_*)
  • Changed a way how automount works: everything is mounted to /tmp/mnt now,  while /tmp/harddisk is just a symbolic link to first partition
  • Samba/FTP/NFS relative paths are against /tmp/harddisk
  • Added /usr/local/sbin/pre-mount to be called before automount (suitable to manual mounts, disk checks, etc).
  • Added Enable USB Storage selection to the System Setup - Services page to enable usb storage modules to load automatically
  • Added filesystem type autodetection to automount portition


  • Cas pro backup pripojeni muze byt 0 pro co nejrychlejsi prepnuti
  • Oprava v automaticke aktualizaci DDNS
  • Oprava ukazatele sily signalu ve Wireless Details
  • Oprava problemu na nekterych mobilnich sitich, ktere vysilaji ipcp   reconfigure ihned po navazani spojeni, coz zpusobilo nenastaveni vychozi   brany


  • USB stack z jadra
  • Podpora modemu HUAWEI E220
  • Zadavani velikosti paketu u uzivatelskych USB zarizeni (vid/pid/packetsize)
  • Uzivatelsky AT prikaz v dialup spojeni
  • Podpora UMTS rozhrani modemu AnyDATA ADU-630WH (nastavit 3 v USB device id)
  • Moznost presmerovani interniho webu na jiny port
  • Aktualizace DDNS jednou denne


  • odstraneno IPv6 a moduly bpalogin a waveserver kvuli uspore mista
  • Podpora modemu Axesstel MV110H
  • Patched to WL-500W firmware base code (New drivers for wl and et:
  • Added support for WL500W
  • Added support for WL320gE/gP, additional lights are not supported (use WL550gE firmware)
  • Added a handling for DHCP supplied routes (Use Route page to enable/disable)
  • Multicast/IPTV: no longer need routes to be specified, cleaned up igmp logs
  • It's now possible to specify DNS server IP address in the AP mode (added to IP Config page)
  • Added new flashfs option: try 'flashfs enabled' to enable flashfs loading forever
  • Added new repository: use ' install ipkg-opt' during initial ipkg installation
  • Fixed PPPoE clamping code (set Maximum Segment Size to actual MTU)
  • L2TP: server name resolution, persist/reconnect fixes
  • NFS: added statd for proper locking
  • SMB: Server string, new r/w share mode
  • /etc/fstab: swapon and post-mount called now properly
  • USB storage detection should work correctly for Philips mass storage devices
  • /proc/cpuinfo now reports CPU model, revision and packaging options
  • Changed connection tracking TCP timeout to 6 hours vs. 5 days
  • Some WL-HDD IDE fixes
  • Yet more fixes for built-in flash support (WL-500gP, WL-500W)
  • Some minor kernel fixes


  • podpora modemu AnyDATA ADU-510L
  • podpora modemu AnyDATA ADU-630WH v rezimu CDMA
  • podpora modemu Zadacom 3G+B
  • wireless details (wewimo) pouziva informace o jmenech z /etc/hosts
  • oprava rychlosti pro modem GTRAN


  • moznost volby uzivatelskeho vid/pid pro gprs usb spojeni
  • vypis stavu systemu DiagnosticInfo
  • New Busybox applets (env, cmp, wc, md5sum sha-1)
  • IGMP proxy added (multicast routing [IPTV]) (IP Config | Route > Enable   multicast routing?)
  • Added an option to specify 802.11 multicast rate (Wireless | Advanced >   Multicast rate)
  • New kernel features (incl. advanced router, new iptables targets)
  • Fixed compile problems with newer Linux ditributions
  • Web interface should no longer show Cable Disconnected status
  • There is now an option to enable/disable DoS protection (Internet Firewall |
     - Basic Config > Enable DoS protection?)
  • Built-in ftp server should now work fine in PASV mode
  • Updated Dropbear to 0.49
  • Updated WiFi to
  • Added support for the 128MB of onboard RAM  hiddev support
  • FPU emulator fixes
  • WL-HDD IDE fixes - SMART should work now
  • Onboard flash type diagnostic messages
  • Fixed flashfs to respect comment signs  flash command now has progress indicator
  • Station/Ethernet Bridge mode should now associate faster to AP after reboot
  • WL500g Deluxe/Premium/WL550gE now rescpect WAN port settings from the web 
  • WL500g Premium/WL550gE now better handles OFDM transmitter power setting
  • Added support for /etc/fstab before automount
  • Fixed problems then upgrading via WiFi using WPA/WPA-PSK
  •  Disabled "power off" for all units except WL-HDD
  • Pressing EZ SETUP button for 3 seconds would cause /usr/local/sbin/ez-setup   to be executed


  • oprava nefunkcniho WAN rozhrani pri zapnutem automatickem vytaceni a   zvoleni typu None
  • Pri podrzeni tlacitka reset, pockani na zhasnuti a uvolneni se spusti   script /usr/local/sbin/resetpressed


  • priprava uzivatelskych scriptu v /usr/local/sbin

  • moznost zadani username/password/apn pro IP Wireless (T-Mobile 4G)

  • podpora GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA modemů Zadacom 2G a 3G+

  • opravy spravy DNS v zalohovanem spojeni

  • funkcni DDNS (dyndns) pro vytacena spojeni se zjistovanim skutecne vnejsi ip adresy

  • Switched to Busybox 1.1.3

  • VT6212 USB 2.0 patch (10-15% speedup)

  • USB sticks without MBR should be also now mounted

  • Storage devices are using async options by default

  • WL500g Premium support (MirrorBit Flash support, nvram validation, 32mb   enabled) !!! The firmware is totally different from the stock one: no DM,   different FTP server and Samba! Do not flash if in doubt - you would miss   some features !!!

  • Additional pppd options field is now 255 chars long

  • PPP now defaults to unlimited number of connection attempts

  • PPTP connections now use MTU 1400 by default

  • DHCP+PPTP ( gateway support in the MAN routes, DNS and default   gateway options now could be acquired from DHCP too, symbolic PPTP name   support, PPTP client now adds route to the server)

  • Fixed MAN->LAN firewall issue (be sure to enable WAN to LAN filter and set   default action to DROP!)

  • Fixed some firewall defaults (WAN->LAN is now enabled and DROPs)

  • "Apply to routing table" option is now in effect

  • Default gateway is no longer appears in the nameserver list in the AP mode

  • SIGALRM is no longer blocked in the post-mount

  • Minor bugs... 


  • Automaticke prepinani hlavniho/zalozniho pripojeni k internetu
  • Umozneno pouzivat WAN port jako LAN port
  • Nova verze OpenVPN 2.0.7
  • Opravena chyba ve vypisu NATu (lsnat)
  • Spousteni scriptu init.usb z vlozeneho USB disku (/tmp/harddisk/init.usb)
  • Moznost spoustet Sambu i bez USB klice
  • Fixed issues with samba writes using large buffers
  • pppoe ac name and service name are now in effect
  • Add a workaround for default gateway with non-local address
  • Updated to dropbear-0.47
  • Added flashfs backup (done by engy)
  • Fixed firewall internal 80 wan accept (done by engy)
  • PPPoE connections are now forced to be nomppe nomppc
  • Proper NAT handling for different netmasks (techno report)
  • Poweroff is working now
  • Hidden page enter key fix (engy)
  • Added System Setup | Services Page
  • Added support for samba cp1251
  •  Url filter page is removed, as it was not functional
  • kernel-syn-recv.patch (ported by oleo)
  • new firewall rules layout (done by unaiur)
  • Apply button is now does not jump to next page
  • Added L2TP WAN connection type support (demand dialing/idle timeouts are not supported)
  • Small lease time should not cause problems with dhcp client anymore
  • PPTP peer address could now be the same as PtP address
  • Wi-Fi module updated to 3.90.37
  • MTU clamping is fixed once again (should solve lags problems)
  • USB updates (should improve stability)
  • PPTP/PPPoE allows now DHCP to be used on the WAN port - just specify as static address
  • Built-in SSH server should now correctly call sftp installed using ipkg
  • Webcam drivers update: ov51x-1.65-1.12, pwc 9.0.2 (incl. compression and 640x480)
  • Kernel support for IPSec NAT-T


  • Podpora T-Mobile 4G bezdratoveho internetu (IP Wireless)
  • Opraven driver pro modem AnyDATA (nenavazani spojeni po vypadku)
  • Novy driver pro PL2303 prevodniky
  • Vypis USB zarizeni
  • Vypis jmen serveru v lsnat ("lsnat -n" pro vypis IP adres. Na web taky bez adres kvuli dlouhe dobe resolvovani IP adres)
  • Pridana zpet podpora PPPoE a PPTP


  • Podpora modemu AnyDATA ADU E100H
  • Moznost ukladat/nacitat obsah flashfs
  • ipmon : pocitani prenesenych dat pro adresy v DHCP listu (zatim jen z prikazove radky)
  • Libovolne vytacene pripojeni (GPRS/Modem/Uzivatelsky definovane)
  • Umoznit automaticky nevytacet pripojeni
  • Report BTS do CDMA databaze (pouze GTRAN)
  • Detailni informace o bezdratovych klientech a WDS partnerech
  • Infomace o okolnich AP
  • Vypis ARP tabulky
  • Vypis NAT tabulky
  • Na administratorske strance je mozne pouzivat Enter
  • Vyresen problem s cestinou na USB disku pres Sambu
  • Novejsi drivery pro USB disky
  • Pozor na zmenu funkconsti tlacitka RESET !
    prvni 3 sekundy - power LED sviti : po pusteni tlacitka se nic nestane
    dalsich 5 sekund - power LED nesviti : po pusteni tlacitka se ukonci beh systemu
    dalsich 5 sekund - power LED blika : po pusteni tlacika se vyresetuje nastaveni
  • Spousta drobnosti
  • založeno na Olegově firmwaru
  • Timezones fixes, affecting ppp reconnect issues
  • Fixed pppoe/pptp mss clamping (thanks to Ark+ for reporting)
  • Added various busybox applets
  • Fixed UPnP crashes (thanks to tomilius for finding this out)
  • Yet another WAN port dies fixes
  • Added snmp support
  • Updated samba to patched 2.0.10
  • WL500g Deluxe VLANs completely reworked
  • Samba now properly deals with large (> 2gb) files
  • Fixed ASUS usb printer model parsing bug


  • OpenVPN vcetne sifrovani, bez SSL

  • Pridan modul tun/tap

  • Odstaneny programy PPTP, PPoE, BPALOGIN, NFS, E2FSPROGS

  • Nastavovani casu podle modemu

  • Spravne nastaveni zimniho/letniho casu dle EU

  • ipcalc

  • Cteni vice informaci z modemu (thx Mirek Scholze)

  • založeno na Olegově firmwaru

  • Fixed RAW printing bugs, switched to unidirectional transfers by default

  • Fixed support for the WPA-PSK in the Client Mode, thanks to miraculix for findings

  • Fixed ftp server bug, which prevented files to be uploaded to subdirectories

  • CET Timezone update by engy, added Czech Republic

  • Increased number of entries on the Bandwidth page up to 32, patch from engy

  • Added awk applet, applied mktime patch from engy

  • Applied timezones uClibc patch prepared by engy

  • Applied tomilius patches adding several new iptables targets

  • Updated WL500g Deluxe to use latest ethernet module, removed closed source binaries

  • Used wireless module from the beta, should improve stability

  • Rewrote ethernet driver "WAN port dies workaround" completely. This should  fix random reboots caused by firmwares

  • Fixed ppp never ending loop, caused by pressing Disconnect button

  • Connect and Disconnect button should work better now in the PPTP/PPPoE code

  • Removed never ending ping done by firmware, notifying guys from Taiwan of  your router, when you press Connect

  • Updated PPTP client to 1.6.0

  • Fixed "Idle 0" as well as probably other settings in the web interface which are allowing 0 to be specified

  • Add usb serial support to the kernel, included an updated pl2303 version (thanks to Rod Whitby for porting this to the current kernel)

  • Added chat ppp program

  • USB services are get started now even if NFS only is enabled (thanks to Rod Whitby for figuring this out)

  • Finally, WAN Hostname no longer prevents samba from working

  • WL500g Deluxe now supports MAC cloning

  • WL500g Deluxe with an updated bootloader now correctly enables WAN port in the AP mode

  • ASUS test program is no longer installed, so busybox version is now used should now correctly create /opt/tmp/ipkg

  • NFS max block size is now 32K (use with care)

  • Added codepages 860, 861, 865, 866, 869, cp1250, cp1251 (use usb_vfat_options to pass additional mount flags to mount)

  • Old upnp entries should not have any effect then upnp is disabled

  •  Added new network type - MAN on the static routes page, should be used with PPTP/PPPoE connections to access internal networks

  • Changed maximum number of routes - 16 vs 6

  • Fixed a PATH problem in the telnet sessions

  • RAW printing is now bidirectional (used p910nd 0.7)

  • Afterburner setting is now accessible on the wl300g/wl500g/wlhdd units   (enabled for the supported devices only). You still need to enable it in the hardware by executing wlan_update once in the telnet session/hidden page,
    this should also fix "range" problem

  • Added System Command page, which is well known as Hidden Admin Page

  • Added support for system shutdown - press RESTORE/RESET button until power    led turns off completely and release it, your unit should go "down" in
    several seconds. Use halt from the command line to do the same.

  • Replaced /usr/local/sbin/ip-ip and ip-down with ip-up-script/ip-down-script
    ppp options

  •  Added /usr/local/sbin/pre-shutdown script support - called before reboot/halt

  • Other usefull things

  • First publically available firmware with LZMA compressed kernel

  • Fixed bug in the stupid-ftpd code, which prevented NTFS files to be downloaded

  • Fixed Telstra Bigpond support (including auto auth server selection)

  • Updated dropbear to 0.45, fixed several scp related problems

  • Included nfs server functionality (web integrated)

  • Several new busybox applets added, including support for mounting nfs shares

  • Fixed a bug, which is prevented to work client mode then SSID contains   spaces

  • Added support for PPTP configuration when PPTP server is located in the different net: use default gateway field to specify gateway address and "Hearbeat server" field to specify PPTP server address

  • Removed debug output from the kernel PPTP/GRE modules and lowered loglevel  for PPTP client

  • Added several new iptables targets, including REDIRECT

  • WL-HDD should now mount ide disk automatically, as well as any other units
    with extenal rootfs

  • Added a support for /usr/local/sbin/post-mount script (it's launched once   external drives are get mounted, consider moving dependent stuff from

  • Added color support in the rcamd refresh mode (thanks to benlau for patch)

  • Added basic IPv6 support (tunneled and static IP address mode) (thanks to
    phedny for patch)

  • Update uClibc toolchain to enable RPC and IPv6 support

  • Added support for installable packages (thanks to Rod Whitby for help)

  • Replaced both trx and addver binaries with modified openwrt trx (thanks to Kitsok for helping)

  • Basic Microsoft MN-700 support


  • filtrace zdrojovych adres odchozich paketu do ppp

  • moznost mazani /proc/ip_conntrack zapsanim -1 do /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_conntrack_max

  • drobne upravy


  • patch na limit rychlosti v modulu acm (uplatňuje se pouze u USB 2.0 - WL500GX)
  • zprovoznění Connect/Disconnect ve Status & Log a v sekci CDMA
  • čtení informací z modemu
  • 32 bandwith parametrů (namísto 8)
  • veřejný release


  • založeno na Olegově firmwaru
  • Oprava spousteni snmpd
  • CDMA konfigurace jen pro mod "Home Gateway"
  • veřejný release
1.5 beta 4 (neveřejná)
  • založeno na Olegově firmwaru
  • Zakladni konfiguracni soubor snmpd.conf
  • Opraven parametr spousteni snmpd
  • lcp pingy na ppp spojeni
1.5 beta 3 (neveřejná)
  • založeno na Olegově firmwaru
  • Pridan snmpd
  • Pridano OpenVPN lite client/server (bez SSL)
  • Pridan modul tun/tap
1.5 beta 2 (neveřejná)
  • založeno na Olegově firmwaru
  • First publically available firmware with LZMA compresses squashfs. 7zip SDK is used
  • Fully functional MPPE over PPTP connections, updated pptp-linux to 1.5.0 (thanks to Posader for testing and suggestions)
  • Tx-Only Idle option for PPTP
  • Added an ability to specify custom pppd options (nomppe-stateful is usefull   with MPPE)
  • Ntp synch interval is now configurable
  • Added an ability to view syslog messages in the AP mode, added Syslog/NTP   configuration page (use IP addresses, names ae not supported yet)
  • New busybox applets (halt, mkswap, swaponoff, crontab)
  • Fixed stupid-ftpd bug, causing incorrect rights specified for newely created  files, as well as file is now truncated before upload
  • Added support for WL-HDD rootfs (thanks to Ulrich for initial patch)
  • Stupid-ftp should now work with some linux ftp clients (thanks to Ulrich for   patch)
1.5 beta 1 (neveřejná)
  • založeno na Olegově firmwaru
  • Fixed minor problem with Samba: setting Hostname in the Special Requiremnt   from ISP is no longer affects hostname
  • Fixed PPPoE connection issues - moved to ppp-2.4.2.
  • Added experimental support for MPPE over PPTP connections
  • Fixed kbps/kbits thing in the ASUS Bandwidth Management (thanks to yato to  figuring this out)
  • Manual DHCP assignment list is now limited to 32 entries (vs 8 in stock)
1.4 beta 3 (neveřejná)
  • založeno na Olegově firmwaru
  • Fixed problems with radius authentication
  • Fully functional client mode support, just like had (i.e. WAN and   WLAN interfaces roles are exchanged)
  • Workaround for broken ISP DHCP servers configurations (solves problem with renewing IP addresses)
  • Added checks to mount code to not mount the same partitions twice (so, you could now manually mount whatever you want in the post-boot script, and   these partitions will not be mounted twice by firmware itself)
  • Updated dropbear to latest 0.44test4, which includes client ssh now
  • Replaced default ppp/pppoe stuff with ppp-2.4.3 (includes mschap/mschap v2   authentication support, should work with PPTP servers configured for mschap   only)
  • Various pptp/pppoe related fixes, Tx only option is now functional
  • Added Idle timeout support, broken in the ASUS firmwares. For now, for this   to work you need to manually specify DNS server addresses! To make   connection permanent either specify idle timeout of 0 or use auto DNS (this   way idle is ignored)
  • Added support for invocation of ppp custom ip-up, ip-down scripts (should be placed to the /usr/local/sbin/
  • Fixed problems with "PRINTER: bla-bla-bla" printed to the printer attached   to the parallel port
  • Added simple samba configuration from the web (remember to set LAN hostname, otherwise samba will not work!)
  • Fixed problems with FTP home directories
  • Fixed PPPoE/PPTP connection issues
1.4 beta 2 (neveřejná)
  • založeno na Olegově firmwaru
  • Uprava scriptu ip-up a ip-down tak aby se daly editovat
  • Zmena root->admin v smb.conf
  • WPA2 & WME enabled, but WPA is not fully functional
  • Fixed WL-500gx USB 1.1 devices support
  • Fixed ASUS firmware firewall problems (PPTP passthrough should work now)
  • Fixed wshaper problems (was not functional in the
  • Added WL-500gx rootfs support

1.4 beta 1

  • založeno na Olegově firmwaru
  • veřejný release
  • uveden bandwith management (by Asus)
  • Used GPL sources, WPA2 & WME disabled for now
  • WL-500gx support
  • Hopefully, dnsmasq-"starcraft" issue fixed (in fact it looks like race condition)
  • Syslog is now also running in AP mode
  • Fixed samba problems
  • Added new busybox applet: crond
  • Web interface shows decoded uptime now
  • Changed PPPoE behaviour to be compatible with stock firmware, added 2 new nvram variables:
    • wan0_pppoe_maxfail - terminate after wan0_pppoe_maxfail consecutive failed
      connection attempts. A value of 0 means no limit. The default value is 10.
    • wan0_pppoe_holdoff - specifies how many seconds to wait before re-initiating
      the link after it terminates.
  • Removed PPPoE mru/mtu 1500 warnings
  • Several new USB HP OfficeJet printers are supported now


  • zprovozněn firewall na CDMA lince
  • Pouziti Olegova fw
  • Zobrazovani CDMA uzivatel/heslo ve WEB konfiguraci
  • Ukladani CDMA nastaveni pres export/import konfigurace


  • upraveno zpracování paramatrů USB portu, vedoucí k odstranění omezení cca. 256 kbps na downlinku
  • opraveno mountování ramfs
  • založeno na Olegově firmwaru


  • první release
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